Carani B Sanjeevi

Medical Doctor and a Specialist in Diabetes; Professor & Senior Scientist; Works at Karolinska Institute

My Research

Dr. Sanjeevi is running a Type 1 Diabetes network in India. The activity is coordinated by the Cuttack Diabetes Research Foundation in Cuttack, Odisha. We have held diabetes symposia with faculty from Karolinska Institute in 2006 focussing on Current problems in Diabetes.

More such meetings had taken place and one was with Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Center on Genomics and Proteomics of Diabetes in association with Dept of Biotechnology with faculty from Karolinska Institute.

We received a grant from the Swedish Research Links programme (funded by Sida and the Swedish Research Council) for a research project titled ”Genetic and immunological aspects of diabetes development and the mechanism of protection in young-onset diabetes and malnutrition modulated diabetes in India”. The project was be carried out in collaboration with Dr. Alok Kanungo at Cuttack Diabetes Research Foundation.